Lifestyle Check
A blood test that can show you how your lifestyle is affecting your overall health and fitness. Get an insight into your risk of heart disease, liver function test, kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. Take control and find out how you can prevent these becoming part of your future.

What preventable diseases are you at risk of?

We hear constant warnings about preventable or ‘lifestyle’ diseases in the media. However, while these warnings may be factual they don’t necessarily apply to everyone. Statistics and population-wide research are valuable, but personal risk is a different metric entirely.

Although preventable diseases are the leading cause of death in the UK, your personal risk is determined by your chosen lifestyle, combined with your unique physiological and genetic makeup.


You can now accurately assess your personal risk of preventable disease with a simple blood test. Our Lifestyle Check can give you insight into your risk of heart disease, identify liver damage with a liver function test, and diagnose kidney disease, as well as determine your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Our Lifestyle Check tells you how your diet, exercise and alcohol intake are affecting your overall health and fitness. Based on your blood test results, our medical professionals can advise you on simple lifestyle changes you can make to stabilise these key health markers and reduce your risk of preventable disease in the future.

What we test
Liver Function
Your liver processes drugs and alcohol, filters toxic chemicals, stores vitamins and minerals, and makes bile, proteins and enzymes. This liver function test examines enzymes and other markers for evidence of damage to your liver cells or a blockage near your liver which can impair its function.
This liver function test measures:
Kidney Function
Your kidneys filter waste from your body and regulate salts in your blood. They also produce hormones and vitamins that direct cell activities in many organs and help to control blood pressure. When the kidneys aren't working properly, waste products and fluid can build up to dangerous levels creating a life-threatening situation.
This kidney function test measures:
Lipids and cholesterol are fat-like substances in your blood. Some are necessary for good health, but when you have a high level of cholesterol in your blood, a lot of it ends up being deposited in the walls of your arteries and other vital organs. Lifestyle choices including diet, exercise and alcohol intake can all influence cholesterol levels and your risk of developing heart disease.
This cholesterol test measures:
Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional problem in the UK. It slows your body’s production of haemoglobin, which your red blood cells need to pick up oxygen from your lungs and carry it to every cell in your body. If you have a shortage of iron you experience symptoms of anaemia, which include feeling breathless after little exercise, feeling tired, heart palpitations and looking pale.
The link between inflammation and chronic disease is widely recognised. Research indicates that following an anti-inflammatory diet may help fight off inflammation.
This blood test measures:
Test instructions
Your finger prick test kit and all instructions are posted directly to you, and there is no need to visit a collection centre.
Fast from all food and drink other than water for at least 8 hours, and no more than 12 hours prior to your test.
instruction sun
The best time to do this test is first thing in the morning.
Ready. Set. Go!
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