Thyroid Check
1 in 7 individuals live with a thyroid condition with symptoms ranging from low energy and depression to unexplained weight gain and insomnia. If you don’t feel right but you can’t put your finger on why, this simple thyroid test can tell you if it's your thyroid.

Is your thyroid making you depressed?

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck which uses iodine to produce hormones which control your metabolism. These hormones regulate the speed at which your brain, heart, muscles and liver work. Every cell in the body depends on thyroid hormones to produce energy. Your thyroid is intricately connected with every system in your body, so if a thyroid test reveals it’s not working properly you most likely won’t feel great. Thyroid disorders typically present later in life, and if you're a woman over 35 your odds of an abnormal thyroid test result increase significantly.


Thyroid conditions can cause a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms. An abnormal thyroid rest result can reveal fatigue and low energy levels, depression, unexplained weight gain (or loss), slow heart rate, feeling cold (even on warm days), muscle aches, dry skin, hair loss, constipation, difficulty concentrating, fertility problems, feelings of agitation and nervousness, insomnia, diarrhoea, increased sweating, heart palpitations… it’s a long list! Read our blog to find out more. Our thyroid test can help you work towards higher energy levels, improved hormone function, weight regulation and relief from other thyroid related symptoms.

What we test
Thyroid Function
Your thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate growth and energy expenditure. Thyroid disorders are quite common, and many people don’t have any symptoms at all. This thyroid test screens for the thyroid hormones that play a key role in regulating the body’s metabolism.
This thyroid test measures:
Test instructions
Your finger prick test kit and all instructions are posted directly to you, and there is no need to visit a collection centre.
You do not need to fast for this blood test.
Ready. Set. Go!
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