COVID-19 screening for your workforce
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Getting your workforce back to work
healthily offers COVID-19 diagnostic and surveillance workforce screening strategies embedded in medicine and science.
As organisations go back to work there is a risk of further spread of the virus amongst the workforce and the local communities.
To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in your workplace, following government advice on social distancing and health measures is a good start. To further reduce the risk, you need to know who from your workforce currently has or may previously have had COVID-19.
Studies have shown a high proportion of people can be infected without symptoms who in turn may infect others. If you don’t know the current infection status of your workforce, you may unwittingly be facilitating the spread of infection by allowing infected employees back into the workplace. This is why it is important for testing to be done to check who is infected, thereby placing effective measures that can significantly reduce the spread of infection through your working population.
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Our COVID-19 workforce screening strategies can significantly reduce your risk
Our team of expert medical practitioners are experienced risk reduction strategists who have worked with the NHS, the military, with large organisations across a range of industries.
PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing is the current gold standard method for detecting the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. This PCR test is normally performed using a nasal or throat swab sample, but emerging technology can also use saliva samples for detection. Saliva sampling avoids 'false negative' results through inaccurate swab placements and is less invasive than the traditional swab collection method.
To determine if an individual may have had COVID-19 previously, an IgG antibody test is used. This measures the body’s antibody response to COVID-19. If there is sufficient antibody response this suggests you have successfully fought the disease. You may also be better protected in the future from catching the disease again while you maintain this antibody response. This can be important in determining both organisational and individual risk for return to work strategies.
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healthily can manage your end-to-end COVID-19 screening programme
Our team of medical professionals can support you in the design, set up and execution of your COVID-19 workforce screening programme. From COVID-19 strategy design and workplace risk assessment to sample collection and reporting of results, we have you covered.
healthily’s COVID-19 tests are performed using UKAS accredited laboratories meaning you can be confident of accurate and reliable results. Test results are captured within the healthily platform, with results communicated to individuals securely in their personalised healthily dashboard. As COVID-19 is a notifiable disease, any positive PCR test results are required to be reported to public health authorities, and we will manage this process on your behalf.
As more testing is required to reduce the spread of infection and save lives, your organisation will be contributing to current public health efforts. You can also rest assured that our corporate screening programmes will not detract from the NHS, as each test we use will be in surplus to current NHS requirements.
Should your organisation wish to significantly reduce the COVID-19 risk to your workforce and their communities, please feel free to reach out for a further discussion.