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Take control of your health
We provide health analytics and blood testing services to help you understand what's really going on in your body.
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Access the health data that really matters
We provide easy-to-follow information and explain what each of your results mean. Track your health data over time and monitor your progress with your online dashboard.
How It Works
Order online
Choose the health check that’s right for you and create your secure account online.
Collect your sample
We’ll send you your test kit in the mail - collect your sample at home and return it to the lab in the prepaid packaging.
Get your results
View your results securely in your own personal dashboard complete with advice from experienced medical professionals.
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Personalised advice from qualified professionals
Your samples are assessed by accredited laboratories and experienced medical professionals so you can be confident of reliable results.
Popular Tests
Best seller
Thyroid Check
3 tests included
1 in 7 individuals live with a thyroid condition with symptoms ranging from low energy and depression to unexplained weight gain and insomnia. If you don’t feel right but you can’t put your finger on why, this simple thyroid test can tell you if it's your thyroid.
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Best seller
Adrenal Stress Check
9 tests included
Well functioning adrenal glands enable the body to effectively balance energy expenditure with demand. This 6 point saliva test looks for evidence of adrenal insufficiency or hormone imbalance that can lead to the classic symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
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Biological Age Check
1 test included
This Biological Age check reveals the age of your immune system and detects inflammation. Years of scientific research has helped develop a simple finger prick test that reveals how healthy you really are, empowering you to personalise your health through actionable points that leads to a better and healthier you.
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Best seller
Advanced Thyroid Check
5 tests included
If you’re looking for a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid function, including an investigation of an underlying autoimmune disorder, then this combined thyroid antibodies test and thyroid function test is the blood test for you.
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