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Our doctors

Integrative Health goes far beyond the traditional doctor patient model. Our Integrative GPs adopt a patient-centric approach that addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental factors proven to influence health.

If you're seeking a holistic approach to optimising your health, consider a teleconsult with one of our experienced Integrative GPs.

Our nutritionists

Nutritional medicine is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy body. It involves analysing how nutrients are processed, stored and discarded by your body, and explores how what you eat affects your overall well-being. If you're serious about changing your lifestyle to improve your health, consider a teleconsult with one of our clinical nutritionists.

We provide online access to the tools, insight and medical expertise to help you make better health decisions, avoid preventable illness and work towards optimum health and wellbeing.

Our psychologists

Mental health is about wellness rather than illness. Mental health issues are on the rise. Positive mental health is pivotal to optimal health and wellbeing.

If a positive outlook and mental resilience are holding you back, consider a teleconsult with one of our experienced clinical psychologists.