30 September 2020 | Dr. Raj Joshi (MBChB MRCGP DipMtnMed PGDipClinEd DipFIPT FRGS)
COVID-19 tests for travel

COVID-19 tests for travel

With travel now possible, many are hoping to enjoy holidays once again. Some countries are asking for COVID-19 negative test results as proof for entry. We are offering COVID-19 testing for those going on holidays, business travel or if you like to know whether you have the infection.

These tests are done via Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) which is the current gold standard method for detecting the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19.

We have the nasal/throat swab test available which can be sent directly to your home or office. You will not need to have contact with anyone else while you perform the test. The test can then be returned directly to the laboratory.

For the nasal/throat swab you will need to take a swab from your nose or throat as per instructions sent.

The laboratories used to analyse the results are all UK accredited.

The tests will not detract from NHS testing.

For any positive result, we are required to notify Public Health England.

An additional medical certificate for travel can be purchased confirming a negative test if required.

More information about the test and how you can order can be found in the links below:

Try healthily's COVID-19 PCR Swab Check
Image of Dr. Raj Joshi (MBChB MRCGP DipMtnMed PGDipClinEd DipFIPT FRGS)
Dr. Raj Joshi (MBChB MRCGP DipMtnMed PGDipClinEd DipFIPT FRGS)
Dr. Joshi is a Travel Medicine doctor who practises Functional Medicine and is a Personal Trainer. His philosophy centres around how lifestyle can influence disease and how positive changes can be used to help prevent illness or as a significant component in treating medical conditions. He believes that to be truly healthy one should not just stay disease free, but optimise health to be as fit as possible. Dr. Joshi advises companies on their travel medical logistics, helping to keep travellers safe wherever they are going in the world.